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Criminal Assault REDUX

"There will be no peace in the Middle East
  until Palestine is restored."
"I tell you sincerely that as long as the Zionists occupy part of Palestine, the Middle East will never be a peaceful area.  Because Saddam Hussein and his comrades tried to liberate Palestine, this is their punishment."  al Khasawna

"Iraq is our strategic depth."

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said

on Monday that the United States

is stepping up pressure

on Damascus

the same way it did on Baghdad

before it invaded Iraq in 2003.

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The head of Saddam Hussein's legal team has asked the Japanese public to support efforts to reinstate . . . Iraq's legitimate leadership . . .

Ziad al-Khasawna, who was speaking at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan on Monday, also demanded that occupying nations pay compensation to the Iraqi people . . .According to international law, Saddam Hussein and his government are still the legitimate leadership of Iraq and everything that has happened since the start of the occupation is illegal," al-Khasawna said.

'Zionist way'

The reason behind the invasion of Iraq was the "Zionist way of thinking" that required the complete destruction of the country and its leader - including its museums, ministries, archives and treasures - in an effort to end a civilisation that stretches back more than 8000 years to ensure there is no future threat to Israel.

Ziad al Khasawna, Esq.

Red Rose, Growing
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Saddam's French Lawyer Criticizes Bush
Associated Press
March 29, 2004,

Verges Speaks Out


A French lawyer . . .doesn't think there will be a trial for a long time and criticized President Bush for pronouncing the former dictator guilty of atrocities.

Jacques Verges said he believes the United States has violated the Geneva Conventions on several counts in its detention of Saddam, and said the world must wait for a trial to determine what Saddam did wrong.

"We know that Mr. Bush has said he's guilty," Verges told Associated Press Television News. "But what does that mean? Mr. Bush is not a judge. We cannot accept him as a judge. He is an enemy of Saddam Hussein."