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"Lies, Lies, and more Lies"

"Absent a quorum at the polls, there is no 'duly-elected' President."

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"Saddam Hussein recently sought signif-
icant quantities of uranium from Africa."
— G. W. Bush
(Source: Las Vegas Sun)
That's Only 10 Words, Condi
Condi Prevaricates Again

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Aljazeera story

Gavel Banging

Their "exaggeration and spin"
 and "shrill" claims
"helped to mislead the world
 into believing
 there were stocks of weapons of mass destruction
 in Iraq ready for use",
the Swedish former diplomat [Blix] writes
of the Bush White House
 and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Although [the zionist entity] will neither

confirm nor deny it,

experts think [the zionist entity]

has 75 to 200 nuclear weapons.

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The United States still deploys approximately 480 nuclear weapons in Europe . . . The targets for these weapons are most likely in Russia, Iran and Syria . . ."The fact that the United States has some 480 nuclear weapons still stationed in Europe will come as a surprise to a lot of Europeans," said Hans M. Kristensen, the author of the report.

 "The big question is:

 'Why are they still there more than a decade after the Cold War ended?'

Neither the United States nor NATO has been able to articulate a credible mission for the weapons."

Atomic Bomb Mushroom Cloud


We have an illegitimate president 
and his criminal co-conspirators
 openly plotting to "obliterate Iraq"
 -- the occupant of the Oval Office is an alcoholic
 who reportedly also
indulged himself
with marijuana and cocaine.
  What happens when such an individual
 "falls off the wagon" again?