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The REAL Terrorists


Abdul-Aziz Al Rantisi:
We are a defenceless people, we don't have an army, we don't have a single tank, a single warplane, a single artillery piece, we are brutalised and murdered round the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We only have our bodies to resist this criminal enemy.

Al Ahram


[the zionist entity] 

is occupying our homeland

 and enslaving our people

 as never happened

 in the history of mankind before.

It is raping our people's right

 to freedom and basic human dignity,

 and is bullying us

 to accept perpetual military occupation

 and apartheid.

[The zionist entity]

doesn't even recognise

 our very humanity

 on both the individual

 and collective levels.

 This is why her criminal army

 is blithely and indiscriminately


Palestinian civilians

 en masse.

 We are actually

 experiencing a slow-motion


As to the question of terror,

 I can tell you

 that we are the real

 victims of terror.

Look what they are

 doing to us.

 They are killing our children

 on a daily basis,

 they are destroying our homes,

 they place bombs

 in our schools

 forcing three million

 human beings to remain indoors,

 they are depriving our children

 of their right to education.

And after all this, this oppressive world still has the audacity to repeat the canard that we are terrorists.



Abdul-Aziz Rantisi was blatantly murdered by Ariel Sharon with all the world watching -- obvious evil.
No one stopped Hitler and no one has stopped Sharon.