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Make Peace with Saddam -- AND Osama

There will be no peace
in the Middle East
or in the world
until Palestine is restored.

Face of Terrorism
Ariel Sharon, Coldblooded Murderer

Ihab al-Sherif
Egyptian envoy Ihab al-Sherif,
in an undated photograph

Egypt's envoy in Iraq killed

al Zarqawi group

"May God protect him [ sheik zarqawi]

  and make his aiming precise and his feet


 The consultative council for the al Qaeda

 in Iraq is determined to confront the Jews

and the crusaders

and all those who side with them.

"We threaten all the countries of the tyrants

and tell them that the land of the two rivers

is no longer a safe place for the infidels

because in it God has granted power

to a group of mujahedeen men

who are fighting for the sake of God."