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YES to Saddam

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 by Tanya Tucker
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Portrait of a President
Saddam Hussein, President, IRAQ

Fri Aug 26, 7:59 AM ET

BAQUBA, Iraq (AFP) -

Hundreds of supporters

 of ousted president Saddam Hussein

 demonstrated against

Iraq's draft constitution,

 which brands his outlawed Baath party

 as a terrorist group.

"We sacrifice our souls and blood for you, Saddam"

Yahoo news story

"Bush, Bush, listen well;
We all love Saddam Hussein!"
 crowds chanted.
 "We reject the American and Iranian constitution"
 "No to a constitution that breaks up Iraq" 

"Shame on the backwardness of Arab princes and agents who have let foreign dogs run all over them," another man shouted. "If words don't work, we know how to deal with the occupiers and cowardly agents,"

he said, meaning the United States and Iran.

The authorities have been unable to quell

a relentless Sunni insurgency

 over the last two years

 which many fear could descend

 into a full-scale sectarian civil war.