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evildoers bush/'bliar' indicted

THE Legitimate Authority in IRAQ
President and Prime Minister Saddam Hussein

bush/'bliar' indicted

Lawyers' panel indicts Bush, Blair

By Julian Ryall in Tokyo

British Prime Minister Tony Blair

deserve life sentences,

 with the possibility of parole

 after 25 years,

 for the war crimes and

 genocide in Iraq,

 according to a lawyers' panel.

Speaking on Monday at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan,

 Kohki Abe, a professor of law at Kanagawa University,

said they should face the "maximum penalty available".

That would not include the death penalty,

 however, as the members of the tribunal

 opposed capital punishment, he added.

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Global thinker

Even those of us who oppose the death penalty
might relent where bush, blair, sharon, cheney,
rumsfeld, wolfowitz, rice, powell, myers, card,
and bush sr. are concerned -- line up the gurneys.


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The REAL Terrorist
Deserves death penalty