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evil little bush

Upper West Side Poster: 
In your guts you know he's nuts.

In light of the Lebanon bombing I remind you:
"You're going to create
 more terrorists
 with this than ever
 you can imagine. . ."

"The Islamic world is in danger of becoming completely radicalized. You're going to encourage a war of religion, East against West and Muslims against Christians, the Crusades. You're going to create more terrorists with this than ever you can imagine,"
"The whole world is of the same opinion -- that this [invading IRAQ] is ridiculous,"
he said.

NYC bumper sticker:  Somewhere in Texas
                                                       a village is missing its IDIOT.

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The plan to topple Saddam Hussein dates back to the mid-1990s,
when a group of neoconservatives
 formed a virtual government-in-exile
at a think tank
 called the Project for a New American Century.
They devised strategies,
sat back and bided their time,
waiting for what they called
 a "Pearl Harbor-type event"
to provide convenient cover
to invade Iraq.
. . .
As he did with the invasion of Iraq,
Bush has mounted a campaign
against Social Security
using half-truths, misperceptions and falsehoods.
In the State of the Union speech, he declared,
 "By the year 2042, the entire system
would be exhausted and bankrupt."
That's simply not true.
. . .

Social Security plan has holes
By Cynthia Tucker

But conservatives are undeterred
 by the fact
that none of their predecessors' sky-is-falling predictions
came true -
just as the White House is undeterred
by its wrongheaded predictions
 about Iraq.
The facts simply don't matter.
 They have an agenda, and they are willing to distort, conceal and misrepresent to pursue it.

Before the invasion of Iraq, 
Bush and his minions
that combat would be a cakewalk,
 that Saddam had not only WMD but also ties to al-Qaida,
that nation-building would be paid out of Iraqi oil resources.
 Two years later, more than 1,400 U.S. troops are dead,
 there were no ties to al-Qaida,
 the nuclear program turns out to be in Iran,
 and U.S. taxpayers are paying nearly $4.5 billion a month
 for our presence in Iraq.

Do you dare believe them about Social Security?